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Common X-Ray Myths Debunked by Via Radiology

X-ray Myths Debunked - Via Radiology

Have you ever heard of the fictional belief that x-ray radiation will kill you? This is a bit far-fetched. In reality, x-rays are one of the most compelling and impactful medical instruments as they are utilized to diagnose, treat, and identify medical conditions in both children and adults. This is why Via Radiology has decided it is important to debunk a few common x-ray myths that the average person may encounter.  Read on to learn if x-rays pose a threat to one’s health.

X-rays Contain High Levels of Radiation

Technology is constantly evolving and improving. Modern-day x-ray machines actually put out minuscule levels of radiation that are not considered harmful. Americans are exposed on average to 620 millirems of radiation per year from nature and man-made creations alike.

Matter of fact, radiation exposure occurs daily. It is a naturally occurring phenomenon that we do not even realize is happening. These levels are proportionate to the amount of radiation you receive on a day-by-day basis such as from the Earth and Sun. It is a favorable decision to avoid high doses of radiation. However, it is necessary to fathom that radiation is also a phenomenon that makes life viable.

X-rays are A Thing of the Past

The 21st century still values x-ray scans. They account for relatively half of imaging tests and are perfectly safe. We use x-rays over other medical imaging instruments for certain areas of the body. They especially produce quick and excellent images of the chest and bones.

People Become Radioactive from X-rays

Humans whom become exposed to radiation do not become contaminated from radiation and cannot affect those around them. X-rays also do not expose anyone to lingering radiation because it passes directly through one’s body. One must actually consume radiation in order to contain radiation in the body. Even so, only bodily fluids may become radioactive (such as saliva or urine).

Even the foods we eat (such as fruits and vegetables) have radioactive chemical components that they absorb from the ground. Therefore, one’s body may emit a miniscule amount of radiation from our bodily fluids. On the other hand, when sleeping next to somebody, one will get even more exposure to radiation at night verse choosing to sleep alone.

X-ray Myths by Via Radiology

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