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Via Radiology’s New Website Design – The “Why” Behind the Design

Website Design - Bigfin

In honor of Via Radiology’s new website design, we thought it would be fitting to give you an inside scoop behind the fresh, new look of our site. We started by choosing a local website development company called ––a Pacific Northwest native and founding SEO company that designs and builds responsive, functional, mobile-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing websites. Working with Bigfin was seamless, as we were able to effectively communicate what we wanted, and they were able to understand and deliver. Read on to discover more about our brand new website redesign.

Why Redesign the Site?

Our main goal was to improve the user experience. For example, the former website was built during an era where responsive web design was not a priority. Desktop computers were the only means of accessing the web, and mobile-friendly designs were not in existence. Because technology changes so frequently, Via Radiology was due for a refresh to ultimately better serve our users across all devices that they may access our website on. It was also important that we used the redesign as a way to bring attention to our unique qualities, such as our state-of-the-art imaging services. We wanted to ensure our new site correctly reflected exactly what Via Radiology offers. The following are just some notable elements we had incorporated into the redesign of our new site.

What Changed?

Mobile-Friendly Design

With mobile usage on the rise, it becomes increasingly more mandatory to have a mobile-friendly website. In fact, 57% of users say they will not recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site. Throughout the redesign process, Bigfin made sure the site would function well and look great across all device screen sizes, especially mobile.

Updated Look

We believe the updated look of our new site achieves a clean, bright and cheery feel. We also found it important to have the new site remain true to the Via Radiology brand, without straying too far from the existing look. Bigfin achieved this by incorporating the bold orange hue from our logo throughout the site. It is also worth noting (fun fact!) that the wave pattern you find throughout the site is meant to subconsciously nod to the shape of x-ray waves used in radiology! Here is a look at the homepage ‘After’ shot where you can see the light x-ray waves move across the screen.

Website Design - Bigfin

Increased User Experience

The new site design makes it easy for prospective and existing patients to find exactly what they need. For example, users can now easily contact Via Radiology by phone, email, or location on a map. Bigfin added contact information listed in various forms on every single page of the new design. We also ensured the hours of the main office, MRI department, and scheduling department were all clearly indicated as well.

Were There any Website Design Obstacles?

Maybe the most notable obstacle was correctly organizing the quantity of information for 20+ service categories. To solve this, Bigfin incorporated an accordion feature that allows users to expand and contract pieces of information. This made scanning information less overwhelming for the user and gives them more control over what they can and cannot see.

Overall, we are happy to have our new mobile-friendly site up and running. It correctly depicts the Via Radiology brand, and clearly organizes information in a way that is useful and beneficial. It especially does a great job at representing all of our breast imaging services, a growing area of expertise. We take delight in our new “digital storefront” that is responsive and user-friendly. Please poke around and take a look. We hope you enjoy it just as much as we do!

Via Radiology

Via Radiology provides Seattle diagnostic imaging services in the greater Seattle area, including ultrasound, MRI, PET, CT scans, and X-ray. We also provide image-guided interventional services and screening services, including CT lung cancer screening. Call 206-306-1011 or contact us online for information about our breast imaging services in Seattle.