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Ultrasound Myths Debunked

Ultrasounds give doctors the ability to detect a variety of defects and medical conditions, and has revolutionized pregnancy over the past 20 years. Ultrasounds capture images of soft tissues that do not show up well on X-rays and are widely accessible and less expensive than other methods. Additionally, ultrasounds have been very helpful in detecting medical conditions before a baby is born, which increases the outcome for both the mother and the baby. Although there are many benefits to ultrasounds, there are still some myths that circulate around them. Check out our blog to learn more about ultrasounds and learn some of the major myths that people still have about them.
Myth #1: Ultrasounds harm the baby.
There is no evidence that supports that ultrasounds are harmful to the baby. Ultrasounds have been around for over 20 years and they are a common procedure conducted for pregnancy. Furthermore, ultrasounds are the most widely used medical imaging method for viewing the fetus during pregnancy. According to the FDA, ultrasounds have an excellent safety record and do not have the same risks as X-rays or other types of imaging systems that use ionizing radiation.

Myth #2: Ultrasounds use radiation.
Unlike X-Rays, ultrasounds do not use radiation. Instead, ultrasounds use high-frequency sound waves that bounce around and produce pictures of the inside of the body to create a picture of the body’s internal structures. The ultrasound image is produced based on the reflection of the waves off of the body structures. Also, an ultrasound cannot penetrate through bone, or gas in the intestines, but passes readily through fluid. Plus, they do not use ionizing radiation and are safe and noninvasive.
Myth #3: Ultrasounds are only used during pregnancy.
Although most people associate ultrasounds with pregnancy, there are many other type of ultrasounds as well. Other types of ultrasounds include abdominal, pelvic, nuchal translucency, hysterosonography, thyroid, kidney, prostate, testicular, and venous just to name a few. Via Radiology offers a variety of different ultrasound exams based on the patients’ medical needs, performed by skilled physicians.
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