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New Study Shows Mammograms Save Lives

We have talked before about the importance of mammograms, but there is an ongoing debate about the consequence of yearly mammograms in relation to over diagnosis and treatment of clinically insignificant cancers. There is new research that stresses just how important those annual mammograms really are.
The April issue of the American Journal of Roentgenology has published a study showcasing the correlation between missing breast screening exams and mortality risk among screening-age women. The study included 1,421 women with breast cancer and adjusted for age, comorbidity status, a family history of breast cancer, insurance status, medical encounter frequency and the calendar year. The results showed that “women who had missed any of the previous five annual mammography examinations had a 2.3-fold increased risk of all-cause mortality compared with subjects with no missed mammography examinations.” They also noted that there was a progressive increase in hazard as women missed more mammograms.
While the debate may continue, these results are conclusive with previous studies that also highlight a connection between mortality and missed mammograms. Dr. Ontilo, who lead the new study, is quoted saying “The debate over mammography screening continues, and this one study is not going to resolve it, but it does further confirm that mammography is important to women’s health, and that women should be screened annually – at least until we are able to accurately identify women who don’t need it each year.”

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