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Undergo Lung Cancer Screening in Seattle at Via Radiology

lung cancer screening

Every 3.4 minutes, someone dies of lung cancer in the U.S. Are you or a loved one at risk of developing this deadly cancer? Via Radiology offers CT lung cancer screening in Seattle, WA to help catch cancer at its earliest stages. Read on to learn more about this leading cancer killer among women, and find out if you should schedule a CT scan.

What is Lung Cancer?

Lung cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells that starts in the lungs. As they grow, abnormal cells can form tumors while interfering with the function of the lungs and other organs as it spreads.

Who Should get a CT Scan for Lung Cancer?

According to ongoing research, current smokers and former smokers who have quit in the past 15 years should get a CT scan for lung cancer screening. Moreover, anyone between the ages of 55 to 80 may want to get a CT scan for lung cancer, especially those exposed to asbestos. Furthermore, anyone exposed to other occupational hazards like arsenic beryllium, cadmium, chromium, coal, smoke or soot, diesel fumes, nickel, or silica should likely be screened. Lastly, anyone who has a history of at least 30 pack-years* of smoking should consider a CT scan for lung cancer screening.

*Pack-Years: Number of packs smoked per day multiplied by number of years smoked. For example, if you smoked one pack of cigarettes a day for 30 years, this would equate to “30 pack-years of smoking”.

Why Consider a CT scan for Lung Cancer Screening?

Via Radiology Lung Cancer Screening

CT scans are the most effective way to screen for lung cancer. CT scans can identify small nodules or other harmful abnormalities in your lungs. It is reported that early detection, by low-dose CT screening, can decrease lung cancer mortality by 14-20% among high-risk populations according to the Lung Cancer Foundation.

Know Before you Go | Lung Cancer CT Screening at Via Radiology

The screening is a painless procedure that takes about 15 minutes to complete.


A CT scan for lung cancer can be beneficial in more than one way. Those at high risk with no signs or symptoms can find lung cancer early, making treatment easier. It also uncovers other potential threats, conditions, or diseases.


As with any type of screening, there are usually risks involved with lung cancer screening. One risk to consider is the possibility of a false negative. There is always a chance some cancers may go undetected. On the contrary, false positives are also a possibility. False positives require additional testing, money, typically anxiety, and extra radiation exposure to the patient, only to discover that the cells are noncancerous. Lastly, a low dose scan exposes one to radiation.

Schedule Your Lung Cancer CT Screening at Via Radiology

There are always important benefits and risks to consider before a CT scan. We highly encourage you to address any concerns associated with screening with your healthcare provider. Contact us today to schedule your CT scan for lung cancer screening in Seattle.

Via Radiology Offers Diagnostic Imaging in Seattle

Via Radiology offers Seattle diagnostic imaging services in the greater Seattle area, including ultrasoundMRIPETCT scansx-ray and other imaging modalities.  We also provide interventional services and screenings for lung cancer in addition to our breast imaging services. Contact us online or call 206-306-1011 for more information on all of our provided services.