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Researching a New Use for the Ultrasound

While still in the research phase, a new diagnostic technique is being tested to help detect prostate cancer in male patients. According to an article on News Max Health, this new technique combines high resolution images given by an ultrasound with the power of laser optics…Learn More

Ultrasound During Pregnancy

WHAT IS AN ULTRASOUND? An ultrasound or sonogram is a diagnostic screening device that creates images of anatomic areas. Instead of using radiation, the ultrasound transmits high-frequency sound waves that are above the range of human hearing. When a woman has an ultrasound during pregnancy, the ultrasound a gel…Learn More

Congratulations to Joe for His Outstanding Work!

Congratulations to Joe Augustyn, RDMS, RVT, for his outstanding work above and beyond his regular duties as an ultrasonographer at Via Radiology. Joe recently wrote an article that was published in the Journal of Diagnostic Medical Sonography titled “Intravascular Sonography Assessment of a Type III Endoleak…Learn More

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