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Screening Services

Importance of Mammograms for Women

It is important to have annual mammograms to screen for breast cancer and to find the disease before any symptoms occur. An annual screening mammography is a great early detection tool used to find and diagnose breast cancer early on. Taking advantage of these early detection…Learn More

Why Lung Cancer Screening Can Be Lifesaving

Lung cancer has surpassed breast cancer, becoming the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in women. Yet women aren’t the only ones affected. Nearly 160,000 people are estimated to die from lung cancer this year alone, 55% of them men. In the fight to detect and treat this disease, lung cancer…Learn More

5 Risk Factors of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

About 15,000 people die each year in the U.S. from abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA). This dangerous condition often goes unnoticed due to lack of symptoms, but the good news is a simple ultrasound screening can help detect AAAs before they become a serious threat. When AAAs are discovered early, your…Learn More

Cheers to Via Radiology

Both Seattle and Seattle Met magazines continue honoring Via Radiology radiologists. Seattle Magazine’s July issue again acknowledged Ray Jensen,MD, Katherine Dee, MD, and Katherine Dee, MD to this elite group of radiologists. More than 4,500 doctors in the region participated in…Learn More

Spider Veins?

Are you interested in getting rid of your “spider veins”—prominent veins usually found on feet and legs? If so, you are not alone. At least half of all women (estimated) are bothered by this common cosmetic problem. For a limited time – March 14-16 only – Via Vascular is excited to partner with LivingSocial to…Learn More

Via Radiology Top Doctors Selected

Via Radiology congratulates two of our outstanding radiologists for their Top Doctor honors in annual surveys of the area’s best physicians. Dr. Ray Jensen was recognized twice in Seattle Metropolitan Magazine’s August 2010 issue: once for excellence in Diagnostic Radiology, and a second time for Vascular and Interventional Radiology. Dr. Jensen was also in Seattle…Learn More

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