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Pain Management

Pain Management Procedures Offered by Via Radiology

No one should have to live in pain and agony. At Via Radiology, our board-certified, sub-specialty trained physicians empathize with your pain and will help you manage discomfort right at the source. Learn more about each safe and effective pain management procedure and injection we offer in our latest blog so you can…Learn More

Pain Management in the Chill of Winter

Did you know the winter can be the best time to acknowledge, manage and treat pain? Take a look at all our pain management offerings, some of which are listed below. All the injections are quick, safe and well tolerated. Plus, a majority of time is spent indoors during the winter, so why not…Learn More

Pain Management Solutions

When it comes to any procedure, agonizing pain can occur. That‚Äôs why at Via Radiology, we strive to eliminate pain by offering a wide variety of pain management solutions. With the help of image guidance, we can precisely determine the source of your pain and the proper injection…Learn More


In the wake of the recent outbreak of meningitis which has been linked to spinal injections for the treatment of back pain, rest assured that Via Radiology has no association with the recalled steroid medicine. Via Radiology only uses high quality, FDA approved pharmaceuticals for all of our steroid injections including spine injections. As part…Learn More

New Gold Tip Makes Varicose Vein Treatment More Comfortable

Via Vascular, the leader in vein disease treatment, is pleased to offer the newest technology for the treatment of varicose veins. The NeverTouch gold-tip fiber from VenaCure EVLT eliminates laser tip contact within the vein wall. This typically reduces pain and bruising during and after treatment, compared…Learn More