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Breast Imaging

Via Radiology in Seattle Offers a New Type of Breast Cancer Screening for Women with Dense Breasts

Via Radiology diligently works with Seattle Breast Center to provide state-of-the-art breast cancer screening services. It has long been known that mammograms are much less accurate in women who have dense breast tissue, but until now the only other option has been breast ultrasound, which only…Learn More

Importance of Mammograms for Women

It is important to have annual mammograms to screen for breast cancer and to find the disease before any symptoms occur. An annual screening mammography is a great early detection tool used to find and diagnose breast cancer early on. Taking advantage of these early detection…Learn More

New Study Shows Mammograms Save Lives

We have talked before about the importance of mammograms, but there is an ongoing debate about the consequence of yearly mammograms in relation to over diagnosis and treatment of clinically insignificant cancers. There is new research that stresses just how important those annual mammograms really are. The April issue…Learn More

Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the Importance of Mammograms

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s a great time of year for women to remember not only to conduct regular breast self-exams, but also to schedule routine mammograms in conjunction with clinical breast exams for the early detection of breast cancer. Women between the ages of 50 and…Learn More

Mammography Facts: Mammography Saves Lives

The Facts Did you know that for every 1,000 women, 100 are recalled for repeat screening, 20 are told to get a needle biopsy, and 5 are diagnosed with breast cancer? Breast cancer strikes both men and women with ¾ of women diagnosed having had no family history of breast cancer.Learn More

Preparing for a Mammogram

Every year millions of women have mammography exams. If you are preparing for your first mammogram you probably have some questions. Looking for more information? Here is what you can expect: What is a Mammogram? A mammogram, also known as breast imaging, is diagnostic imaging exam used to identify abnormalities in the breast. During…Learn More

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