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Bone Density

Bone Density Scans & Osteoporosis in Seattle, WA

Bone Density Scans are important because they measure how much mineral is in a person’s bones.  They help recognize bone loss, especially serious bone loss, which is a symptom of osteoporosis. Do you or a loved one suffer from osteoporosis? Learn more about this “silent disease” and how bone density scans…Learn More

5 Things a Bone Density Exam Can Tell You

Bone density exams show how strong someone’s bones are by revealing how much mineral they contain. During this 30-minute exam, a patient lies still on a padded table while the arm of the bone density device passes over their body and records the necessary data. Here are five things a bone density test can…Learn More

Osteoporosis & Bone Density Exams

What is Osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is a disease of low bone mineral content. It can result in the development of spinal compression, hip and wrist fractures. A doctor may order a bone density examination to find out if a person has osteoporosis or is at risk of sustaining fractures. What is a bone density exam?…Learn More