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Abbreviated Breast MRI : The Untold Story!

Abbreviated Breast MRI - The Untold Story

Are you at average to moderate risk for developing breast cancer? Do you have dense breasts? Undergoing early breast cancer screening may save your life, but mammograms alone may not be your best option. Therefore, it is important to understand all of your screening options when it comes to detecting cancer at the earliest stages. Via Radiology performs Abbreviated Breast MRI (AB-MR), the most accurate form of breast cancer screening for women with dense breasts in Seattle. Read on to uncover the untold story of Abbreviated Breast MRI (AB-MR) at Via Radiology.

Breast Cancer Risk Factors

It is vital to learn all factors that generally put you most at risk for developing breast cancer. Some breast cancer risk factors include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Personal or family history of breast cancer
  • Dense breast tissue (50% of women have dense breasts)
  • Having undergone chest radiation therapy at a young age
  • Black women and those of Ashkenazi Jewish descent

It is important to know that dense breast tissue may not only increase your risk of getting breast cancer, but it is great at hiding cancer when it is early and has the best chance for cure. Ask your health care provider if you have dense breasts. Your breast density can be found in your mammogram report. If you do have dense breasts you should consider additional screening options. Read on to learn more about additional forms of breast imaging that have the potential of saving lives. Here is the untold story of breast cancer screening you wish you knew.

False-Positives & Breast Ultrasound

Breast ultrasound can be used to help detect cancer in women with dense breast tissue. Studies show it detects an additional 2 to 4 cancers per 1000 women screened, but at the cost of an increase in false-positive findings requiring more follow-up exams and biopsies.

Abbreviated Breast MRI is the Most Effective Breast Cancer Screening Method

Breast MRI is by far the most effective form of breast cancer screening, but because of its high cost it has historically has been reserved for women who are at high risk for developing breast cancer. Via Radiology now offers a new version of breast MRI, known as Abbreviated Breast MRI (AB-MR). It is just as accurate as the standard version of breast MRI, only much faster and less costly. Read on to learn six untold facts about Abbreviated Breast MRI.

6 Untold Facts About Abbreviated Breast MRI (AB-MR)

  • You are not exposed to radiation.
  • Unlike mammograms, it does not require any breast compression.
  • Unlike mammograms, dense breast tissue does not hide breast cancers on AB-MR.
  • The false-positive rate for AB-MR is relatively low and similar to mammograms.
  • It takes less than ten minutes to complete.
  • It detects virtually all of the cancers found on mammograms and breast ultrasound plus 16-23 more cancers per 1000 women screened in comparison to mammograms, which detect 4 cancers per 1000 women screened, and breast ultrasound, which detects 2 – 4 more cancers per 1000 women screened.

Via Radiology Proudly Offers Abbreviated Breast MRI in Seattle

Developed for screening women with dense breasts, especially those with average to moderate breast cancer risk, Via Radiology offers Abbreviated Breast MRI for an out-of-pocket cost of $495. A breast cancer risk assessment is included.  Please go to our website to learn more about Abbreviated Breast MRI.

Via Radiology Offers Diagnostic Imaging in Seattle

Via Radiology offers Seattle diagnostic imaging services in the greater Seattle area, including ultrasound, MRI, PET, CT scans, x-ray and other imaging modalities.  We also provide interventional services and screenings for lung cancer in addition to our breast imaging services. Contact us online or call 206-306-1011 for more information on all of our provided services.