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Billing & Insurance


Billing & Insurance

Important Billing Information For Our Patients

Via Radiology physicians interpret and supervise all diagnostic and therapeutic imaging procedures performed at Via Radiology-Meridian Pavilion, Via Vascular (collectively Via-MP), Northwest Hospital & Medical Center (NWH), Seattle Breast Center, and Northwest Outpatient Medical Center.

Via-MP provides the technical and facility services for imaging procedures. Via-MP is a joint venture owned by the physicians of Via Radiology and NWH. Via Radiology is the billing agent for Via-MP.

Technical Services performed at NWH, Seattle Breast Center, and Northwest Outpatient Medical Center are billed separately by NWH.

You are financially responsible for paying for the services provided by each of Via Radiology and Via-MP. You will receive one bill from Via-MP, which includes charges for both the facility and technical services provided by Via-MP as well as the professional interpretation and supervision from Via Radiology.

Please contact your insurance company to ensure that your service provided by Via Radiology and Via-MP will be a covered benefit.

Information about the estimated charges of your health services for this practice is available upon request. Please let our receptionist know if you wish for this information.

For any billing questions you may have, we may be contacted at :

Via Radiology
10700 Meridian Avenue North, #505
Seattle, WA 98133
Phone: 206-365-4100
Fax: 206-668-6898
Email: click here


For your convenience, Via Radiology accepts most major insurance plans. Please contact our office with any questions at 206-306-1011



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Our Office Hours are Mon.-Fr. 7am to 5pm with MRI scanning until 7pm, Mon.-Fri.
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Our scheduling department is open 8am to 5pm Mon.-Fri.

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