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Uterine Fibroid Embolization

CT Scanner Offering state of the art diagnostic services.
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Cardiac Calcium Scoring

Doctor Learn about our cardiac calcium scoring services.
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Seattle Diagnostic Imaging, Radiology

Serving Seattle, WA, North King and South Snohomish counties since 1969, Via Radiology is a team of board certified, subspecialty trained physicians and dedicated staff committed to providing the highest quality of diagnostic imaging and image-guided therapy in the Puget Sound Region.

By merging advanced technology, uncompromising professional standards, and a patient-focused approach, we provide our patients safe, accurate, and appropriate care, and our referring medical professionals with expert radiologic consultations.

ACR Accredited Facility Via Radiology Meridian Pavilion, Physicians & Surgeons  Radiology, Seattle, WA Designated Lung Cancer Screening Center

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How Do MRIs Work?
You go into a tube, the machine whirs, and a little...
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Ways to Reduce MRI Anxiety
Despite being extremely safe, MRI scans often cause anxiety,...
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